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What is an Employee Recognition Program?

An employee recognition program is designed to motivate employees to produce consistent and sustainable results. Three out of four U.S. companies implement formal incentive programs because they work! A successful program reinforces desirable behaviors and recognizes employees for their achievements.

How does it work?

Our recognition rewards programs are customized to meet the specific needs of each organization. To be successful, a recognition rewards program needs to accomplish five things:

  1. Promote specific behaviors or actions
  2. Define the program’s time frame
  3. Specify which employee are participating
  4. Use motivational strategies along the way
  5. Reliably measure employee results

When setting up a recognition rewards program for your organization, Agenda offers two convenient options: You can simply utilize the Central Rewards Program on this site, My Company Rewards, or we can set up your own customized rewards program under your business name. Whichever option you choose, your employee rewards program can be linked to your company's website, providing easy employee access from work or home.

What is the impact?

The success of any organization relies heavily on its workforce. That’s why successful businesses make employee recognition a priority. A well-planned employee recognition program provides a number of positive results, including:

  • Increased productivity
  • Reduction in turnover
  • Better customer service
  • Higher employee morale
  • Improved financial performance
  • Increased employee engagement
  • Reinforces the company’s values
  • Develops a company culture of recognition

Employee recognition programs may impact the culture of an organization in unexpected ways, too. For example, a successful recognition program can open the lines of communication and improve mutual employee relationships. Encouraging employee engagement is key to a successful recognition program because engaged employees are the most productive.

Reasons to Recognize

A successful employee recognition program inspires and motivates a broad range of accomplishments, such as:

  • Achieving a high level of performance
  • Perfect attendance
  • Volunteering for company-sponsored charity events
  • Going “Above and Beyond”
  • Reaching anniversaries for years of service
  • Accomplishing performance-related milestones

A recognition program positions you as a top-notch employer who is committed to your employees’ success. By recognizing your employees’ dedication and initiative, you have everything to gain and nothing to lose. An effective recognition program benefits both the company and your employees . Your employees receive recognition and rewards for their hard work, while you receive the benefits of increased company productivity. Agenda Promotions can help you design a highly effective employee performance program that meets the needs of your business.

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Why merchandise rewards work better than cash

When choosing a recognition program for your organization, merchandise rewards are proven to be more motivational than cash, especially with newer employees. Studies show that recognition rewards programs offering non-cash awards lead to higher employee performance and engagement. Here are four reasons why:

1. Merchandise rewards get employees’ families involved in the motivational process.

When an employee announces to his family that he’s working towards winning an amazing item the whole family can benefit from, he’s likely to receive more support and motivation at home than he would with a cash reward. Family members are quick to get on-board with a recognition program that could potentially earn them a new product they all want. This helps employees stay motivated and committed to the program.

2. Merchandise rewards have Trophy Value.

Merchandise rewards are more memorable than cash because they create a long-term reminder of the employee’s accomplishment. Let’s face it, most people end up spending a cash reward on bills or practical items they need. A year from now, an employee who receives a cash reward probably won’t even remember how it was spent. In contrast, a merchandise reward (e.g. TV, computer, etc.) has far more “trophy value” because a year from now, the employee still has a tangible reminder of the achievement.

3. Merchandise rewards are perceived as gifts, rather than compensation.

It’s often hard to motivate employees with a cash reward because cash is generally perceived more as compensation than a one-time recognition award. As mentioned earlier, cash rewards are usually spent on bills, necessities or deposited into savings. A recognition program based on cash incentives can backfire because employees may expect to receive the extra cash again the following year. This happens because they consider the cash award to be part of their overall compensation package, rather than its intended purposes as an achievement award.

4. Merchandise rewards allow employees to indulge in luxury items.

Non-cash rewards allow employees to feel good about choosing exciting luxury items they normally couldn’t justify buying for themselves. When cash is used to reward employees for their achievements, they often feel too guilty to spend it on something they really want because there are always bills to pay and mouths to feed. Merchandise rewards take the guilt out of the equation. Employees have no choice but to enjoy picking out a luxury item they wouldn’t otherwise purchase.

Merchandise recognition programs provide employees with the opportunity to celebrate their achievements by indulging in something they truly desire. The right rewards program is a win-win for both the employer and employee.

Our Competitive Advantage

Agenda offers the most innovative, easy-to-use and effective solution. Our reward programs includes the following:
•Millions of award options to reward your employees including customize awards.
•Digital Rewards. Collegiate, Pro & Military Logo Products that others do not carry.
•5-7 day award delivery
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•No hidden charges—free program customization, free set-up and free administration
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Case Studies or Examples of Behavior Changes
Examples of programs that change behavior are every where. Think about these examples below. Have you seen your behavior changed by some of these programs? How about other peoples behavior? Next time your out, start noticing all the programs around you as they are everywhere. • 1) Red box, a DVD Kiosk rents a movie at $1.50. I've noticed that on certain days when demand is slow, usually during the week, they will offer a second movie to rent at a dollar off just to earn an extra fifty cents. I usually take advantage of it and rent the extra movie for the night.
•2)Or look at the Netflix program. Their subscription model is as follows: A)You can rent one disc at a time per month for 7.99 or B)You can rent 2 disc at a time per month for just an additional $4.00 for a total cost of $11.99. Unfortunately they sucked me in to the two disc at a time deal
•3)Aaron Brothers (The Store that sells picture Frames). Aaron Brothers Penny Sale. Twice a year Aaron Brothers has a sale. Buy One Frame get the second for a penny. I can't tell you how many frames are in my garage that I have never used. Now you may say I'm only out an extra penny. But I keep showing up twice a year for the sale.
•4)Albertsons, a grocery chain has a Monopoly game that every time you spend money you get to a little game card. You take the game card put a sticker on a game board to possible win a car or pots and pans. Some prizes, I believe, you can win and take home that day. But here's the interesting part, every time you open a game card you see an additional coupon to buy an item to save some money. I actually have tested how well this game works. Every time I get a game card, I go approach both men and women and asked them if would you like my Game card. I've done this over fifty times and have over forty people take told me yes and taken game card. They always tell me yes I'm playing and thank me for their card.
• 5) Restaurants, I now get text from restaurants of Appetizers on sale for the day.
•6)What is your company doing to change behavior to increase productivity, increase sales, or keep employees safe.

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