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4 Reasons to Include Video in Your Content Marketing Plan

Video marketing has emerged as one of the most influential media formats available today for businesses of all types and sizes. When devising a marketing plan that delivers the right message in a meaningful and memorable way, video should be an important part of the mix. Here are four main reasons why any successful marketing solution includes video content.

1. Video Marketing Makes a Great First Impression

Custom video provides potential clients with the opportunity to “meet” you before they even step foot in your office. Video content also elicits a stronger emotional response than other forms of marketing because it utilizes both visual and auditory cues to influence the viewer.

Doctors, lawyers, contractors and other service oriented professionals can successfully use video marketing to make a great first impression with viewers. Video is an effective medium for highlighting the exact points you want clients to know about you in an engaging and concise way. Viewers have a better idea of how you work which helps build familiarity and trust.

2. Video Marketing Builds Brand Awareness

When it comes to building brand awareness, video is king. According to a survey conducted by Demand Metric and Ascend2, 52 percent of respondents indicated that they use video marketing as a primary strategy for creating brand awareness. In addition, 45 percent of respondents use video marketing to generate leads and 42 percent use it to create online engagement.

What does this mean? In order to stay competitive, video marketing can no longer be seen as optional. Video should be considered as an integral part of any organization’s comprehensive marketing plan.

3. Video Marketing is Powerful

Video is an incredibly powerful medium. Yahoo Finance reports that one minute of engaging video content is just as powerful as 1.8 million written words. Perhaps this is the reason why 300 hours of video are being uploaded to YouTube every minute.

Is anyone really watching all of these hours of video? In short, yes! Today, about 195 million adults in the United States watch online video content every month. By 2018, that number is expected to grow to over 212 million adults, or almost half of the U.S. population. Because video has become more social and more mobile, adults now watch nine times more online video content each day than they did in 2010.

4. Video Marketing Boosts Local Search Results

It’s a fact: When video content is properly optimized for search engine traffic, it is far more likely to maintain a high rank on the first page of Google, Bing and other search engines. When consumers are searching online for the products or services you offer, wouldn’t it be nice to know they will actually see your video because it has been expertly optimized with proven SEO tactics?

No matter how engaging and persuasive a video may be, it can only drive traffic to your site if people actually see it. Video marketing used across multiple platforms, including YouTube, boosts local search results so the right people see your message at the right time.

If you have not yet incorporated video marketing into your organization’s marketing plan, let Agenda Promotions help you get back in the game. We would love to work with you to formulate a successful video marketing solution that engages viewers and boosts your website’s search engine results. Give Ken a call at (951) 775-1338 today.

Did You Know that people are watching more Video's Online than their televisions. Did you also know that it is estimated that the average reader remembers 10% of an article but 95% of a video.
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