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Channel Incentive Programs Help Your Business Grow

As your company grows and your supply chain broadens, you’ll naturally begin to move farther away from the end users of your products. Because of this, it can be difficult to stay connected with the wants and needs of consumers if you do not have reliable channel partners who believe in your products and understand your mission. To help build a more effective relationship with all members of your supply chain, consider implementing a channel incentive program.

How a Channel Incentive Program Works

Channel incentive programs are strategies used to motivate your supply chain to achieve specific goals. A successful program should be designed to increase your channel partners’ knowledge in your products so they can reliably promote them for you. This can be achieved with a well-planned incentive program that is simple to use and offers rewards that appeal to your partners.

There are several ways an incentive program can work, including but not limited to:

  • Channel partners earn points for selling your products and services.
  • Channel partners partner together with you to drive sales, while the end user earns the points.
  • You may award points for partner or consumer participation in surveys about your products.
  • Points can be awarded for certain types of behaviors and activities like online registration, signing up for text alerts, etc.
  • Channel incentive program can be used as special promotions to announce new products or improvements to existing products.

Agenda Promotions can help you design a custom channel incentive program that inspires the members of your supply chain to increase sales so they may earn fantastic rewards.

Reasons to Implement a Channel Incentive Program

There are a number of reasons why you should initiate a channel incentive program for your distributors and third-party resellers including:

  • Your products will be promoted by your channel partners more effectively and aggressively.
  • Market share will grow along with the sale of your products.
  • An incentive program can help you nurture relationships with your channel partners.
  • Brand awareness of your products and services will increase.
  • Consumer loyalty will grow.

Third-party sellers and distributors are key factors in the growth of your business. By offering them incentives to promote your products and services, you will motivate your channel partners, or supply chain, to sell more and increase revenue.

Give Agenda Promotions a call at 951-775-1338 so we can work together to design an effective channel incentive program that accomplishes the specific goals and objectives of your business.

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Why merchandise rewards work better than cash

When choosing a recognition program for your organization, merchandise rewards are proven to be more motivational than cash, especially with newer employees. Studies show that recognition rewards programs offering non-cash awards lead to higher employee performance and engagement. Here are four reasons why:

1. Merchandise rewards get employees’ families involved in the motivational process.

When an employee announces to his family that he’s working towards winning an amazing item the whole family can benefit from, he’s likely to receive more support and motivation at home than he would with a cash reward. Family members are quick to get on-board with a recognition program that could potentially earn them a new product they all want. This helps employees stay motivated and committed to the program.

2. Merchandise rewards have Trophy Value.

Merchandise rewards are more memorable than cash because they create a long-term reminder of the employee’s accomplishment. Let’s face it, most people end up spending a cash reward on bills or practical items they need. A year from now, an employee who receives a cash reward probably won’t even remember how it was spent. In contrast, a merchandise reward (e.g. TV, computer, etc.) has far more “trophy value” because a year from now, the employee still has a tangible reminder of the achievement.

3. Merchandise rewards are perceived as gifts, rather than compensation.

It’s often hard to motivate employees with a cash reward because cash is generally perceived more as compensation than a one-time recognition award. As mentioned earlier, cash rewards are usually spent on bills, necessities or deposited into savings. A recognition program based on cash incentives can backfire because employees may expect to receive the extra cash again the following year. This happens because they consider the cash award to be part of their overall compensation package, rather than its intended purposes as an achievement award.

4. Merchandise rewards allow employees to indulge in luxury items.

Non-cash rewards allow employees to feel good about choosing exciting luxury items they normally couldn’t justify buying for themselves. When cash is used to reward employees for their achievements, they often feel too guilty to spend it on something they really want because there are always bills to pay and mouths to feed. Merchandise rewards take the guilt out of the equation. Employees have no choice but to enjoy picking out a luxury item they wouldn’t otherwise purchase.

Merchandise recognition programs provide employees with the opportunity to celebrate their achievements by indulging in something they truly desire. The right rewards program is a win-win for both the employer and employee.

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